The Company She Keeps

Flanked by starsYou, too, can live your dreams…I do each day! ~Karmetria B.

I’ve known Karmetria for a number of years and I can attest as to her business acumen and prowess.  Most speakers can engage and entertain their audience while others energize and uplift.  However, Karmetria is that rare talent who forces her listeners to challenge their present outlook and motivates well within earshot of her words to act! Clearly, with regard to the speaking industry, this fresh approach is the road less traveled. Trust me, she will make all the difference in your company or organization.             ~Dennis Kimbro, author, The Wealth Choice

When Karmetria SPEAKS audiences are INSPIRED!
As Founder of The Dream Project Conference, I’ve had the pleasure of securing Karmetria as a lead speaker for our 2013 Atlanta small business conference.  She spoke alongside renown entrepreneur thought leaders including –  Russell Simmons, Cathy Hughes, and Will Packer. Karmetria engaged over 300 attendees and provided  them with invaluable nuggets of wisdom and inspiration for them to move forward to achieve their desired business goals and objectives.  She is charismatic, captivating and  a trusted authority! Leveraging her 10 years of working with small business owners, Karmetria delivered sought after business insights.  I highly recommend Karmetria for speaking opportunities.  ~Tenisha Warner, CEO Egami Consulting

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